“When you hear the phrase “God’s Gift” what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For us, what comes to mind is “Love and Life” itself.

Our reflection has allowed us to realise that God’s Gift is a gift that keeps on giving and something that will never end. We experience the fruits of His gift everyday as we see it through our loved ones, family, friends, colleagues, supporters and everyday people. Whether you have realised it or not, God’s Gift has been in you since before you where born. We believe that as we encounter more of God’s gift in our lives, his being and grace is revealed to us. 

We are all invited to experience the fullness of God’s Gift. Now its your turn to experience it in your life.”

To celebrate our reflection, we have created this simple design on a Black, Yellow and Pink T-shirt to embody what it means to us.

Design Specifications

-180gsm 100% cotton t-shirt

-Front centre “God’s Gift” logo in Black and White

-Back enlarged “God’s Gift” logo in Black and White

-Crew Neck
-Short Sleeve

-Yellow T-Shirt


Pit to pit - 44cm
Shoulder to Hem - 74cm

Pit to pit - 48cm
Shoulder to Hem - 76cm

Pit to pit - 52cm
Shoulder to Hem - 78cm

Pit to pit - 56cm
Shoulder to Hem - 80cm

Pit to pit - 60cm
Shoulder to Hem - 82cm


Pit to pit - 64cm

Shoulder to Hem - 84cm